Brady is a character from the Uncreative series. He has appeared in every episode, and is one of the main characters. He seems sarcastic at most times, usually just saying "Told ya", when the crew doesn't listen to his advice. No one exactly knows if Brady is Good or Evil, but they do know that he is helpful on adventures, which apparantly matters most.

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Season 1: Brady is one of the main characters of the series. He is known for going feral/wild 4 times so far, and for his trademark *snap* , When he summons his rat army. He is one of the people who participate in character days. He was known to be one of the only characters to be friends with the rats, but is now huge rivals with them. He found out that Emily was actually a secret agent from T.D.D co. and did not take it well, always trying to get her away from him. When emily finally left to be with the T.D.D. co. , Brady was elated, as he was very releived that she was out of his hair. Brady was seen with the crew when they went to Waffle Land, as he plummeted into Waffle Wizard. He was seen with Inky, Berry, Gleek, and Dawn as they were trapped in Waffle Wizard's Real Estate Tower. He seems to not be as good of friends with Crow. Season 2:

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  • Yellow
  • Notebook
  • Spellcheck Man
  • Mother nature
  • Rats
  • 2.0
  • King Rat
  • Crow
  • Gleek
  • Inky
  • Waffle Wizard
  • Berry
  • Dawn
  • Tweet
  • Emily 
  • Mew

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