Crow is a Character from the Uncreative series.



Coverage Edit

Crow is a main character from the Uncreative series. He was at first a villain, but, along with Yellow and Lobster, has now turned nice, due to Notebook being destroyed. Crow has had the most screentime out of all three puppitas, and has developed into a more child-like, and silly character.

Friends Edit

  • Brady
  • Rats

Enemies Edit

  • Notebook
  • Mother Nature
  • Spellcheck Man

Appearance Edit

Crow is a black, british crow, with a slightly raspy voice. He has a small head, with big, observant eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Crow was the first puppita to become nice.
  • In addition, he has had the most screen time out of all three.
  • Crow used to have conflicts with everyone, but has now started to be more well-liked by the rest of the gang
  • Crow seems to not be friends with Yellow and lobster anymore.