For Narnia...and Burger King was one of the adventures that the Uncreative Crew had. It was actually the first appearance of Isabella and Father Time.


Dami, Fab, Gleek and 2.0 were sitting around and doing nothing in the chat. Then all of a sudden, a mystical and whimsical sorcerer named Father Time shows up and decides to take everyone on an adventure. Everyone complies. Father Time waits for them to invite friends and gather their unicorns. Emily shows up very confused. Father Time gives her a unicorn. Fab brings Courtney. Isabella suddenly appears asking what everyone is doing. Before anyone can even question her, Father Time gives an inspirational speech about how they will all order off the dollar menu at Burger King. They all ride.

The QuestEdit

Everyone is riding their unicorns through the lush green plains. Father Time tells Gleek, Fab, and newly arrived, Brady about how we won a Beardathon. Dami and Isabella talk and ride together. Emily and Brady yell as Crow, Lobster and Yellow attack the group. Father Time commands everyone to make their unicorns fly. They all fly to Burger King. Emily asks if they can go to Narnia. Father Time pats her on the head and exclaims that they ARE in Narnia. Everyone freaks out for a second. They all enter the Burger King and loiter for about half an hour. Then the Crow, Lobster and Yellow break in and attack. Emily, Brady, Gleek and 2.0 fight Yellow and Lobster. Before Crow can attack Dami and Fab, Father Time pulls him aside and gives him a quarter pounder hamburger that he ordered. Crow eats it and falls in love with it. Crow then declares that he will be a good guy from there on out. They all rejoice and beat the crap out of Lobster and Yellow. They enjoy milkshakes before they decide to go to Hogwarts.


Gleek Fab Father Time

Brady Emily Dami

2.0 Courtney Isabella

Crow Lobster Yellow

Burger King Employee