Gurls make up the majority of the Uncreative Clan.

A gurl (not to be confused with girl) can be male or female. It is anyone with a lot of sass or swag. Gurls are often fairly tough.

Gurls have their own little language, saying things like, "Y'ALL ARE ACKING SO CRAY CRAY GURLZ!" It is a fairly easy language to understand.

Examples of gurls include:

2.0ina: Known as one if the first gurls, 2.0ina (that female version of 2.0 ) is a powerful gurl with a lot of sass.

Sassmama Mcgurlpleez: Sassmama is essentially the hero of gurls. She appeared in an episode of Total Drama Island Do Over, being an ex-taco seller who wielded a chainsaw and set out to kill the TD cast for recognition.

Gurl the Lapras: 2.0's shiny Lapras with a sassy nature. Another early gurl. AKA Mewtronina.

LeShawna: The TDI star is notorious for being a gurl before it was cool.

Mystery Meat: A hilarious and sassy glob of meat and other products. She also originated in TDIDO, making numerous appearances until Al eats her. She acts like a woman in her late 50's.

Camrie, Mew , Kayla , and many other members of the UC are gurls.