Hunger Lames is one of the adventures that the Uncreative Crew had.


During chat, the Uncreative crew were minding there own business. Then a wicked and depressing chatter named The Wannabe, sent a link to the Uncreative Crew. He had promised them a fun and epic game of TDroleplay. At first, the Crew declined, then 2.0 got sucked into the link and everyone soon followed. They were all taken to a dark, grim looking chatroom. In the strange new chatroom, Wannabe had everyone form teams. In the end it was Team Creativity, 2.0, Isabella, SP Man, Father Time, Lobster and Yellow vs. Team Green, Brady, Emily, Gleek, Cody, Dami and Mother Nature. When everyone was prepared to start alliancing, voting and performing challenges, Wannabe began the game. The first challenge was to fight in the Cornocopia.

Cornocopoia Edit

The game began with Father Time beating Yellow to death, Dami blowing up Lobster, and Mother Nature turning Crow into a loaf of bread. Mother Nature chases Dami and Isabella into the forest. SP Man then began to get beaten by Father Time. Emily stood in confusion. Brady ran around and helped Father Time beat up SP Man. 2.0 hid in the Cornocopia. Cody climbed the Cornocopia, then fell off. Mother Nature killed Dami in the forest and chased Isabella back to the Cornocopia. After the challenge was over, Wannabe declared that everybody respawned and fight again. Everyone began to question Wannabe for when the next challenge was. 2.0 stepped from the shadows and announced that everybody had it wrong the whole time. They were in a Hunger Games Roleplay. Not a Total Drama Roleplay. Everybody realized this and got angry at Wannabe. As quick as a blink of an eye, everyone left Wannabe to wallow away in his own depressing wiki.


Gleek Emily Yellow

Brady Dami Mother Nature

2.0 Cody Father Time

Crow Lobster Isabella