King Rat

King Rat

King Rat is a minor character in the Uncreative series. He was creativitized by Notebook, right before he was destroyed. King Rat has most recently recovered from his creative state, but is still in a daze. He is the King of all the rats.

Coverage Edit

King Rat first appeared when Notebook was being destroyed by the 5 warriors. Brady summoned him, while feral/wild, to help him destroy Notebook and his minions. Near the end of the battle, Notebook zapped King Rat, to turn him into a dancing, rainbow colored, creative rat. King Rat only appeared once throughout next week, until he appeared when everyone was sucked into the link. King Rat recovered from his creative state when Father Time told the truth about why him and Mother Nature are enemies.

Friends Edit

  • Brady
  • Rats

Enemies Edit

  • Notebook
  • Gleek

Trivia Edit

  • King Rat has gone the longest amount of time without appearing.
  • He was absent for 7 days, until he recovered.
  • It is unknown how King Rat got sucked into the link, where he was recovered.