Loobstar before his transformation.


Loobstar: The Puppet Emperor
Friends Craw and Yellilio
Enemies Humanity
Fears Being strangled
Occupation Emperor of Puppets (formerly), Sprinkler of Hearts
Loobstar labeled The Sprinkler of Hearts, was the Emperor to the Kingdom of Puppitas ===

Coverage Edit

Lobster can be seen with the rest of the puppets, but doesnt really speak. He is mostly seen nodding along, agreeing with the others. He seems to have frustrated notebook when he told him that his hair was boring. Lobster is the only puppet to not undergo any kind of physical transformation.

Appearance Edit

Lobster is red, with a mop-like head with two round eyes popping out of the top. He is the tallest character in the whole video. He has a smooth, quiet, vibrating voice, and does not really speak.

Transformation Edit

Lobster does not undergo any noticable physical change, but is seen going crazy, along with the others.

Trivia Edit

  • Lobster is the tallest of all three puppitas
  • Lobster has the least amount of dialogue in the whole short: He only speaks once, but can also be slightly heard talking in group lines.
  • Lobster seems to have not really listened to Notebook when he told everyone to get creative:
 * He does not find Notebook's hair interesting, like the others,
 * He does not undergo any physical change when they go crazy,
 * And he does not seem to be interested in any of the creative things.

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