Mew, labeled The Goof-off, is the newest friend of Brady, Emily, and Gleek. She never appeared in Season 1, but is going to appear in season 2.

Mew was once alive for a short time, but the Puppet Leaders killed her after hypnotizing her. Mew never lived in the world as it came to be known. She came back to life when she was struck by Irken lightning on her grave. She became human and also alien. Mew met Brady and Damie. She mutated Damie to be Irken like her. That is why they are really good friends. Mew wants to help the warriors but she doesn't know how, exactly.

Mew's normal appearance.

She doesn't know the system here, because she spends time on Irk with Dami and avoiding the Irken Rockets. She has magic powers and can read people's minds, especially Kayla's. She is shamed for letting Heather rule Europe. She doesn't know much about the world yet, but she knows Spellcheck Man called her during her singing gig!



  • Mother Nature'
  • Spellcheck Man
  • Irken Rockets (except for Jame who she likes)
  • ZIM!!!
  • Trolls