Troll Nature
Mother Nature is a character and possibly the central antagonist of The Uncreative series. She made her first appearance during a chat where 2.0 was discussing natural resources and global warming.

She has had multiple conflicts with Father Time, and the whole cast of the series.

Coverage Edit

Season 1: Mother Nature was foreshadowed in a chat by 2.0. 2.0 stated that Mother Nature itself was one huge troll. Thus, Mother Nature was born. She made her first true cameo when everybody went on The Great Narnia Burger King Quest, where she tried to foil everyone's fun by being obnoxious. Later on, she went from being annoying, to disruptive and evil. Mother Nature has declared herself the main antagonist during Hunger Lames. Mother Nature is one of the main characters of the series. She is disliked by everyone, and used be in love with Father Time, before she cheated on him with Uncle Physics. She has been revealed to be the Eternal Empress of Trolling, and has made attempts to ruin the fun for the Uncreative Crew. She has committed several misdeeds against the Crew. Mother Nature was only mentioned in "The Land of....Real Estate?", by 2.0.


  • Father Time (Formerly)
  • Spellcheck Man

Conflicts Edit

  • Everyone, except friends.

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