Notepad is the Main antogonist of the first season of Uncreative Series. He is the leader of the three puppets, but Crow, and most recently Lobster, have drfted away from his path of evil. Instead, Notepad replaced the spot with Dawn. He has been defeated twice, and recovered from both. He is the leader of the Uncreative Theme Park, and is known to own the House.

Coverage Edit

Season One: Notepad first appeared in the episode "The Puppitas", where he revealed to the five Warriors that he wanted them destroyed. He caused a huge storm, as he and the Puppitas fought one by one against the Warriors. Eventually, Notepad was defeated by all five, as they united as one. Him and the puppets did'nt stay gone for long, as shown a few episodes later. In "For Narnia...And Burger King", notepad was mentioned by Crow, when he revealed to never do evil deeds again. In "Hunger Lames", Notepad once again was only mentioned, once in Yellow's application, and once in Lobtser's. Section under construction