Orange: Apparently Mew is being silent. While I am being violent. We both lost on round one.

That wasn't alot of fun


Imma make Orange Crush out of you twerp

Team Rocket never blasts off when Mew is around

I'm silent because you can't handle my sounds

So go whine about not being a CM friend

Orange is blasting off again


You are the DVD and I am the BluRay

When I win you will say "No way!"

I will crush you and go sky high

I will soar the sky's and start to fly


Wow, you are the worst rapper I've ever seen

Take a hint from me and CoGreen

You're still a whiny jerk who will never be a mod

Crush me? I'll crush you! I'm smarter than an iPod

Quit spamming and Yo Mamma cause nobody cares

You harebrained 10 year old, you should live with bears!