Shadow Star, you seen to be at a loss.

When morning comes, brush your teeth and floss!

You tossing up your guts. And puking everywhere.

I take a sniff of your breath, alcohol is in the air!

Take some time, sit down and sleep.

Cause when I'm done here, you'll be sober, then weep!

Shadow Star:

You got nothing else yo verse is weak

I can't believe dat's you at your peak

I see you really want to face defeat

Go ahead, kneel at my feet

Lick my boots while you at it

I clearly got dis advantage

I am the star, you just a little teen

I am everything and everything that is not me


Your feet? Please! Where have those things been?

Your gonna feel bad when I win, then you'll get drunk again.

Cry in a puddle of of your whisky and wine

Your gonna lose, and that's the bottom line.

Shadow Star:

I'm the underdog ya got that right green

but be careful cuz dogs bark viciously

You got nothing against me punk

or drunk

or what?!

When you got a real dis

Maybe then I'll take you serious

You're a b*tch

And a snitch

and this win? 

It's mine ya digg?


You're the underdog, you got "under" right.

I don't wanna know what you've been up to all night.

You smell like a dumpster and sound like a weasel.

You keep driving on drunkness, I'll be burning up diesel.

Shadow Star:

Here that, dat's the sound of you losing

These insults are getting boring, i know who they'll be choosing

Ya got nothing Co, I'm the best

Go sit down with the rest

And before you say anything else

I'm chillin with my friends in my house ya whelp

If me being drunk is all ya got

Then for your own sake just stop


This tournament is mine to win.

I'll throw you aside in a trash bin.

You're drunk, that's funny, are we done here now?

There's no way I will lose, someone please tell me how?

Shadow Star:

I'll tell ya how you lose, ya versus suck

The worst I've seen since round 1

Pity I was expecting better from you

I can't believe the better opponent is Mew

Say I'm drunk again, it won't work

I'm throwing all yo words in tha dirt

You made it far, but you're done

Don't make this harder on yourself son


You, a beast? You're hurtin yourself. You've got to be kiddin me.

You got this far by luck, you can watch me take victory.

I can take you any time, Monday, Sunday, October?

I'll be you any way, whether you're drunk or sober.

Your raps are fading, and your jokes are old. Step down, you're a goner, I'm taking the gold.

Shadow Star:

Only way you'll get gold is from a dead guy's teeth

Can't you just admit defeat?

You say I'm fading, yet you say the same thang

Your rhymes they are boring mane

I got style cuz I'm the Star

Shining with my brilliance near and far

Need I say more, you are done

I've already won


Your star is dim, You lost long ago.

This is sad, but true, and everybody will know.

You can't attack me, you lost your shine.

You say you've won, but that trophy's MINE!

Shadow Star:

It takes a while for a star to be done

Millions and billions of years to be exact

Do i need to be more clear

Maybe I do cause you acting stupid, it's a fact

Think you can beat me, that's foolish, just sad

You put up a good fight, love your effort

But I'm the best, your just second