The Rats are characters who have appeared often in the Uncreative series. They are Brady's minions, but have noticably been less enthusiastic about the situation, even to the point to abandoning Brady.

Coverage Edit

The Rats started out as minor characters, when they first appeared on The Total Drama Jumbo Jet. They first met Brady when he fell through the floorboards of the plane, and have been his "minions" ever since. They have most recently abandoned Brady, causing more character development for them.

Friends Edit

  • Brady
  • King Rat (formerly)
  • Crow

Enemies Edit

  • Dami
  • Spellcheck Man

Trivia Edit

  • the rats have maybe had the most drastic character development throughout the series.
  • They started out as regular, average rats, and are now talking, and have picked up an annoyed attitude towards Brady.