Character for this episode Edit

Emily- Emily

2.0- 2.0 

Drunk Emily- Emily 

Camrie- Camrie

Dami- Dami

Drunk Dami- Dami

Drunk 2.0 - 2.0


Dami: Sup Everyone. 

Emily: Hey! Ah....It's nice to be back. 

2.0: I found some whiskey! LET'S TURN INTO OUR DRUNK PERSONAS! 

Dami: Yeah! One question though. 

2.0: YAY! What a great way to start our reunion! 

Dami: Where did Isabella and Cody go? 

Emily: I dunno. 

Camrie: Yeah where xD 

2.0: We'll see them when where drunk! 

Dami: Anyway... *drinks beer* 

Drunk Emily: Diwd sumoune say dunk? 

Emily: *sigh* drink emily... go home... your drunk....

Drunk 2.0: no! thats vcraxy.

Drunk Dami: Ive myu, poo. 

Drunk 2.0: naw! NAW! don'r gooooooooo.

Camrie: *facepalm* Why is everyone drunk?! 


Drunk Dami: *walks around* 

Emily: *sigh* just... go home.......

Drunk 2.0: I jus thjou I JUS THOU.....woah.......We..shood mak a advintur! 

Drunk Emily: FUNE! *goes home* 

Drunk Dami: Ro, Vere sis Maelle and Dode? 

Drunk 2.0: DONT YOU FOON ME! I fooooooooooooooon u! 

Camrie: ......Emily, we are alone in a world of drunks......

Drunk 2.0: HEH! I sad sumothin FUNNY! 

Drunk Dami: 9000.0, vat mes foon dean?

Camrie: ?

Emily: (TOTALLY LATE REACTION) *sighs again* FINALLY. 

Drunk 2.0: CAM! CAM! CPAN! SPAM! SPAM! Cam....IS....spapamam! 

Dami: *becomes undrunk* Darn. 

Drunk 2.0: CAM, CAM, MAC, ACM, MCA, AMC

Camrie: ..What?......

Emily: 2.0 go home your drunk. 

Cam: -3- 

Drunk 2.0: Naw.....i fiiin

Dami: *Walks around town* 

The Great Drunk: I am here to instruct you the ART of drunkness! I am the GREAT DRUNK! I live in a paint bottle of something I can't talk becuase we're all too young. 


Just alittle end information... Edit

Ok, so this was just alittle taste of what role playing will be like. NO NOT DRUNK. Just random! But you will see how some things happen. This is like the un-offical first episode of this season. I think this will be a GREAT season! This is only the begining of the series gurlz and guys. Only the begining... ~GwenTheVampireGurl~ OR ~Emily~