Jessie and James and Meowth, oh my.


Team Rocket is a large organzation that steals Pokemon for experimentation, led by evil mastermind Giovanni. Mew is affiltrated with three specific officers: Jessie, James, and Meowth.

The Three Famous Canon MembersEdit


Jessie is the dominant female half of the Team Rocket trio. She grew up poor in foster care because her mother left to learn more about Mew (The Pokemon, not the warrior). Jessie snaps at her teammates a lot, and is arguably the most evil of the group. Do not touch her hair, and do not call her old or ugly. She will kill you. Jessie loves fame, which is why she does contests as Jessilina or Jessidia. Jessie and Mew are rivals for James's attention and female dominance in the trio. Jessie's Irken Rockets counterpart is Jezz.


James is probably the one on Team Rocket with actual moral standards. He grew up in a rich family, but ran away with his Growlithe's (Growlie :3) help when he was forced to marry abusive Jessiebelle. James is usually recessive to Jessie because she scares him, or because he has a crush on her. James cares for his Pokemon (even the ones that bite his head) and knows a lot about them (he has little Pokedex cards). This is why Mew has a huge crush on him. The entire purpose of Mew even connecting to Team Rocket is to seduce James. It hasn't worked fully, but James is very close to Mew. This is why Jessie and Jessiebelle have it out for her. People often think James is gay because of the way he talks and his crossdressing, but Mew will defend him very strongly if someone claims this. James's Irken Rockets counterpart is Jame.


Meowth grew up  on the streets of Hollywood, joining a gang of naughty Meowth. He met a female Meowth named Meowzie, who he fell in love with, but was denied her love. He learned how to talk and walk to impress her, but she just called him a freak. Meowth is a snarky talking Scratch Cat Pokemon. He's pretty wise, somtimes even philosophical. He and Mew have a neutral relationship, but he and James function as her main guides in Team Rocket. Meowth's Irken Rockets counterpart is the SIR unit MEOWT.

Alleged Future *FANON*Edit

Jessie and James were discharged from Team Rocket when Giovanni was killed. James and Jessie moved on, eloping and marrying under the snow of Mt. Silver. Jessie became pregnant with James's children, Lindsay and Logan. After an abundance of stress, Jessie and James split up, Jessie taking custody of Logan and James taking custody of Lindsay. Jessie was more poor and emotionally distressed. James could afford to send Lindsay to school. See Team Rocket Mark II for more information.


  • Team Rocket has not appeared in official Season 2, although James often cameos in general chat, Jessie less frequently.