The RulesEdit

  • Ask before changing major pages
  • Ask the 5 chat mods before changing a page, if were not online at that time, leave a message on our talk pages and wait for our approval or decline (this goes for everyone, including chat mods.)
  • Please do not spam our wikia, we try to make this an enjoyable place, and if you spam it, this could result in ban, or if serious, banned from making edits, and chat
  • Do not add any characters to this wiki without approval from ALL OF THE CHAT MODS
  • If you contribute to the wikia, and come chat and participate in discussions, then after awhile you can put in an application to become an official warrior
  • If you break any of these rules then it could result in ban, or more serious actions.
  • Major swearing, such as the f word, can result in being banned for up to two weeks

How to become a warriorEdit

  • Participate in chat for a while
  • You must prove that you are trustworthy
  • Contribute to the wikia, not in any innapropriate way.
  • Make a blog about your qualifacations.
  • It has to be approved by all the chat mods.
  • If you base your opinion over how much you like someone, your powers may be taken away.

Kicking and banningEdit

  • We try to make the chat a safe place for everyone, so read this carfully
  • Sexual harrasment in ANY FORM will end in ban up to 12 months
  • Breaking any of those rules will result in kicking and/or banning
  • Spamming is a bannable action, beware of that
  • Spamming on pages will also get you banned or kicked from editing pages

Thank you!Edit

Thanks for reading these rules, if you have any questions ask the chat mods.

Note: these rules go for everyone, including chat mods