Glitterfied: When covered in glitter from Camrie, or when put in a good mood because of Camrie's glitter.

Rappaparrapa: An informal greeting when entering an informal setting. Informaly 

Blarg: A phrase that is yelled out when one doesn't understand their own text. So they yell this in frustration. Also known as "Blard."

You're on the list: A phrase that is used when you are added to Shadow's list.

Radar: A figure of speech for when you "get crap past the radar" when a something is subliminal and hides an innapropriate meaning, or is blatantly an innuendo.

Ungay: A word commonly used by Orange. He calles James "ungay" which is the opposite of gay.

Gurl: One who is sassy and has major 'tude. Commonly uses stereotypical, teen, mall, shopping, queen speech like "gurl pleez" and "nuh UH". Can be a guy or a girl. 

Burl: An insulting way to say "Gurl"