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  • MightyMewtron

    Scary Stuff

    November 23, 2012 by MightyMewtron

    Just a little tidbit about something that happened that REALLY freaked me out at the TD chat. There was a stalker/spammer hunting down our IPs, FBs, and Twitters. He went by a name like "Xxx xxxxxx?". Be careful, non-banned people. If he comes on, LEAVE!!!! I have a REALLY bad feeling about him and worry he is a serial killer or something, excuse me for being paranoid. I also think he may be a computer program or something, like something to track us down.

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  • MightyMewtron

    I talked to Ryan on TD wiki and got his side of the story. Here is my unfinal verdict, and I'm not really on anyone's side yet:

    Brady was a great chat mod. He could sense sockpuppets and trolls and kick them out. He got demoted, sure. But...the TD Wiki had many chat mods. Besides, if Ryan just "gave" him and 2.0 positions, then what is the pride? I, for one, only feel good being in authority when I earned the position. Although, Brady did make many cool blogs, despite an apparent, relative lack of mainspace edits. If Brady was new to the promotion, he probably was mainly mad at losing it quickly.

    Raptor could have been less vulgar. We don't need to resort to language and threat over a few misunderstandings. Even so, Pinky was just following what s…

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