Shiakazing wizard

The waffle wixzard.

Waffle Wizard is a character in the Uncreative series. He first appeared in the episode "When The Past Attacks" , where he greeted Berry and Dawn when they fell from the plane, and into the waffle kingdom.

Coverage Edit

Season 1 : The Waffle Wizard first greeted Berry and Dawn when they first arrived to Waffle kingdom. Later, when Brady jumped out of the Jumbo Jet and into waffle Land, he forgot a parachute, causing him to plummet down into Waffle Wizard. He stood up, and greeted Emily, 2.0, Kayla, Joey, and Gleek when they landed. Later, when Berry pointed out that there was no mayor, Waffle Wizard was revealed to have a large jealousy for Inky, a blue pac-man ghost. Later, in the episode " The land of...Real estate?", he was revealed to be a real estate agent. As Berry, Dawn, gleek, Brady, Dawn, and Crow fell down a hole that he made, leadig to an office, he revealed his true evil nature, strapping all 5 of them to their seats. Inky was hiding behind the wall during this and he called Sandy. Sandy and WW fought while Inky and Dawn helped the others escape. She ended up pushing Waffle Wizard out the window, and he fell into the water.

He was seen briefly in the Season finale, when everyone found notebook yelling at lobster and Yellow, in the house.

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Inky
  • Brady
  • Berry
  • Dawn
  • gleek
  • Crow
  • Spellcheck man

Trivia Edit

  • Although the Waffle Wizard claims to be a wizard, he has no magical power Whatsoever.
  • Waffle wizard seems to be a parody of tau quan, from the spongebob episode "Karate Island"

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Waffle pluge

Brady about to plummet into waffle wizard.