Yellow is a character from the short, Dont hug me im scared.

He seems to be the main puppet as he has the most dialogue out of all three, other than Notebook.

Coverage Edit

Yellow is seen with the puppets throughout the start of the video, as they listen to Notebook. He seems to be the only one who wants to learn about creativity. He paints a picture of a clown, only for it to be covered in black paint by Notebook. When he is seen making crafts, it looks like he is making some kind of toy or instrument. When the puppets go crazy, he is seen shaking his head around and dancing with the others. When things return to normal, he can be seen looking around, confuesed.

Appearance Edit

Yellow is, well, a yellow puppet with a round, orange nose. He has short, blue hair on the very top of his head. He talks in a vibrating voice, and is somewhat hard to understand.

Transformation Edit

Yellow seems to undergo the most drastic transformation than Lobster and Crow. His head goes from small and baggy, to big and round. He has a big grin on his face, and seems to be way more aggresive and vigourous than the normal yellow.

Trivia Edit